Beyond the Blueprint

A division of Ambient, Gil-Bar is the HVAC solutions company that offers greater engineering expertise, with deeper commitment to your success, than any other firm.

We believe HVAC is about a lot more than moving air.

It’s about creating places where we can live our best lives and do our best work.  It requires understanding the total indoor environmental experience, and providing optimal thermal and acoustical comfort. And we know that doing so, efficiently and sustainably, is an ever-greater engineering challenge.

Fan Coil Units at Hudson Yards Fan Coil Units at 15 Hudson Yards Fan Coil Units at 25 Hudson Yards Fan Coil Units at 35 Hudson Yards Smardt Chillers at Hudson Yards IEC Fan Coils at Hudson Yards Fan Coils Equinox Hotel NYC

We combine our expertise and strong relationships with the world’s finest manufacturers.

We go well beyond just matching products with blueprints. We anticipate and solve problems at every stage of the design, build, and maintenance process. And we treat every client as family, working relentlessly to get the job done to 
the highest possible standard.

Our Collaborators

Ambient companies offer integrated solutions and accountability at every stage of the design, build, and maintenance process. Gil-Bar doesn’t just engineer custom HVAC solutions, we bring a unified culture of expertise and unwavering client commitment across all our companies. We’re best-in-class individually, but even better together.


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