Revolutionizing Real Estate: The Compelling Case for Investing in EV Charging Infrastructure

By: Jenna Prasad, Sustainability Engineer, Ambient


The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly transforming the transportation landscape, and as a key stakeholder in the build environment, it’s crucial for property owners, consulting engineers, and contractors to recognize and capitalize on the benefits of investing in EV charging infrastructure. Here, we’ll delve into the urgency behind this transition and outline some reasons for property owners and developers to embrace the EV revolution.


Transportation Emissions and the Need for Change


Transportation, notably cars and trucks, has long been a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. According to the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions, transportation accounted for 29% of total GHG emissions in the U.S. in 2021. Notably, light-duty vehicles were responsible for 58% of this, with medium- and heavy-duty trucks contributing 23% to total transportation emissions. To combat climate change effectively, there’s a critical need for widespread vehicle electrification.



Why Invest in EV Charging For Your Building?



Environmental and Health Benefits

  • Contributing to community CO2 reduction efforts.
  • EVs decrease air pollution, fostering cleaner air quality
  • Enhancing overall energy efficiency.


Public Commitment to Sustainability

  • Attracting environmentally conscious employees, clients, and tenants.


Property Value Enhancement

  • The addition of EV chargers can increase property value.


Potential Additional Revenue Stream

  • Charging fees can offset the initial investment in charger technology.


Encouraging EV Adoption

  • Employees/tenants are more likely to switch to electric vehicles.
  • Reducing Scope 3 CO2 emissions related to employee commuting.


Investment in Sustainable Development

  • Seizing opportunities in the exponentially growing EV market.


Leveraging Incentives

  • Utilizing utility rebates, tax credits, and additional funding programs.


How Companies are Supporting the Transition


Ambient, a national HVAC solutions provider with companies such as Gil-Bar and Mechanical Technologies, recognizes the pivotal role that EV charging plays in nationwide efforts to embrace sustainability. In partnership with ABB E-mobility, Ambient and its companies offer comprehensive EV charging solutions for multifamily residential and commercial projects.


So Where Does This Leave Us?


Investing in EV charging infrastructure is not just a responsible environmental choice but a strategic business decision for building owners, consulting engineers, and contractors. Beyond aligning with sustainability goals, it enhances property values, attracts eco-conscious stakeholders, and positions businesses at the forefront of a growing market. With the support of companies like Ambient and ABB, supporting EV charging for tenants, employees, and guests becomes a tangible reality for the build environment in New York and beyond.


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