HVAC Invests in Smart Building Controls

By Chris Plummer, Sales Manager, Gil-Bar Industries

Future Tech Pays Off?

Connected smart equipment and devices have changed the way we live our lives. If you’re in the engineering or construction space, it’s also changed the way we maintain our facilities. Big data and cloud analytics allowed us to create actionable intelligence by providing greater visibility on system performance and trends.

Often one of the biggest costs of maintaining a building is climate control. Building owners and management professionals know that keeping BTUs in the space is a primary challenge. Luckily, smart controls and connected devices have allowed us to use data and insights to develop the right maintenance strategies, helping us reduce energy consumption, extend asset life, and increase uptime, making it a potentially smart investment.

Connecting your HVAC equipment, such as your chiller, enhances your data visibility and grants access to:

  • Expanded data beyond what’s visible in the BAS, up to 200 points, for advanced insight into chiller performance.
  • Sophisticated AI-infused, machine-learning insights.
  • Chiller expertise powered by cutting-edge digital capabilities.
  • Real-time, chiller health and performance diagnostics at your fingertips.
  • Historical data from first day of connection.
  • Diagnostic trends allow comparison to design intent and historical operation.
  • Predictive analytics designed to uncover potential issues early.

Recently, we’ve seen manufacturers placing safe bets on connected smart tools, some even offering free extended service to demonstrate their confidence in the future tech. For example, Johnson Controls, in conjunction with Gil-Bar Industries, now offers 1 year service included with all connected chiller orders.

Now is the best time for building owners and engineers to take advantage of these additional offers.  If you have additional questions please reach out to your respect Gil-Bar Sales representative.

Chris Plummer is a sales manager at Gil-Bar Industries. Part of the Ambient HVAC collectiveGil-Bar is New York City’s provider of Yorkconnected chillers and HVAC product expertise.