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Stay Ahead in a Progressive Industry—Learn with Us

Take advantage of Gil-Bar’s longstanding history as an industry expert, by participating in our continuing education and factory certifications provided by Gil-Bar Academy.  These sessions will be provided in-person or virtually.

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Classes for Building Owners & Engineers

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Alternative Heating and Cooling Products to Meet Local Code
  • Commissioning
  • PDH credits

Classes for Contractors & Installers

  • Manufacturer Product Review
  • Maintenance & Installation 
  • Product Development
and Alternatives

Classes for Service & Maintenance

  • Maintenance & Installation Procedures
  • Manufacturer Controls
  • Start-up Certification Classes


At Gil-Bar Academy our goal is to provide you with the necessary education and training to remain a constant rising star in the HVAC world. If you are at the base camp of your career or have ascended to the highest peak, there will always be something exciting and informative for you to experience.

In addition to credits, you can also earn rewards.