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New York, April 25th As tax season rolls around, many dread the complex paperwork and looming deadlines. However, there’s a silver lining for property owners and designers making energy efficiency upgrades. The federal government offers several tax incentives aimed at supporting decarbonization and combating climate change within the built environment.


The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022

Dubbed the most significant climate action ever taken by Congress, the IRA allocates over $300 million towards clean energy and climate mitigation initiatives. This funding has introduced numerous tax credits accessible to both commercial and residential property owners nationwide.


Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for Energy Property

Available until the end of 2024, this tax credit benefits owners who implement energy property, like geothermal heat pumps. Geothermal projects exceeding 1 megawatt (MW) can secure a 6% tax credit, potentially increasing to 30% if they meet certain wage and apprenticeship criteria. Smaller projects under 1 MW automatically qualify for the 30% tax credit, with the possibility of reaching a 70% credit when all additional requirements are satisfied. From 2025, the ITC will transition to the Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit.


Bonus Credits for Sustainable Practices


  1. Domestic Content: This bonus rewards projects incorporating over 40% domestically manufactured materials. Larger projects can earn a 2-10% credit, while smaller ones could receive up to 10%.
  2. Energy Communities: Projects developed in brownfield sites or areas impacted by high fossil fuel employment/unemployment can obtain up to a 10% additional credit.
  3. Low-Income Communities: Small-scale solar and wind initiatives in low-income areas are eligible for up to a 20% bonus credit.


Additional Incentives


  • Clean Electricity Investment Tax Credit (2025-2032): This replaces the previous ITC for properties investing in zero-emission energy production, with similar benefits and bonus opportunities.
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit (2023-2032): Applies to new installations of EV charging stations and other alternative fuel refueling equipment, with credits up to $100,000 per item.
  • Energy Efficient Homes Tax Credit (2023-2032): Contractors building new, qualified energy-efficient residences can receive up to $5,000 per property, depending on the certification standards met.
  • Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings Deduction: A permanent deduction that significantly benefits commercial property owners investing in energy-efficient installations, with enhanced benefits for projects from 2023 onward.

These incentives not only promote sustainable development but also provide financial relief for those investing in green technology. As we progress, additional federal tax incentives and state or utility rebates are expected to surface, further supporting energy-efficient upgrades.

From Basement to HVAC Powerhouse: Interview with Joe Sbarra

By: Edwin Warfield, Publisher, CityBiz

After beginning his career as a degreed sales engineer for the Trane Company, Joe Sbarra founded Gil-Bar Industries with his partner John Gill in July of 1986. The company had a family feel from the start: working out of the basement of a residential home in Brooklyn, the city where Joe was born and raised. In fact, the company’s first employee was Joe’s mom, who did everything from answering the phone to cooking meals for clients and factory visitors.

As Gil-Bar grew, Joe built and preserved a company culture that extends the values of family to every individual within the firm, and to every client the firm serves. These values are reflected in the way Gil-Bar cares deeply about every single project and all of the people who come together to make it work. They’re reflected in the way Gil-Bar protects everyone associated with the firm by insisting on excellence and taking responsibility for finding solutions where everyone wins.

As Joe says: “In order to maintain a great working relationship with our clients, we have to be friends with them. We have to have their backs.”

This philosophy has allowed Joe and John to attract and retain the “cream of the crop” in the HVAC industry, now including 24 degreed sales engineers and 22 inside engineering support staff. Today, Gil-Bar offers the strongest solution-based HVAC engineering team in the tri state area and is widely regarded as the nation’s premier engineering rep force.

“We’re entering our 35th year of providing expert guidance to our clients and we’re proud of the projects we’ve built together. We’ve become the largest solution-based HVAC company in the industry, proving ourselves with over 2000 clients daily across multiple market segments. But as we’ve grown, our philosophy and focus have never changed: we build working relationships as a family. We work together to find the best solutions, always. There is no project or problem too big or too small for Gil-Bar. We will figure it out.”

Connect with Joseph on LinkedIn

Interview questions:

Founding | You founded Gil-Bar in a basement in Brooklyn in 1986. Please tell us about the launch of Gil-Bar.

Introduction | Can you provide a snapshot of Gil-Bar today? How many locations, employees…?

Timeline | What are some of the key milestones since 1986?

Partner | Tell me about the role of your other partners and their part in Gil-Bar’s growth”

Private Equity|When did you decide to pursue private equity? Tell us about the Intermediate Capital Group.

Merger | Last November, Gil-Bar Solutions merged with HC Nye. Tell us about the merger and the results to date.

Growth | What are the growth plans for Gil-Bar?

The Gil-Bar & Mechanical Technologies Showcase

Join Gil-Bar Industries and Mechanical Technologies on Thursday, August 10th for the 2023 Gil-Bar and Mechanical Technologies Showcase featuring the Aaon Mobile Experience and ABB Rolling Roadshow. As we look toward the future of HVAC technology and sustainability, we are hosting some of the top names in the industry so you get the inside scoop on the most current solutions available:


Date: Thursday, 8/10/23
Time: 12:00PM – 7:00PM
Cost: Complimentary
Location: Javits Center Outdoor Event Space, 655 W 34th Street, New York, NY 10001


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