Nick Cammarata

Sales Engineer, 10 years at Gil-Bar

If you’re facing a tough engineering challenge, then Nick is the ideal partner. The USPS found this out when they needed to upgrade cooling and heating on multiple floors of NYC’s existing Radio City Station. Among the challenges: small mechanical rooms, condensing units and air handlers that couldn’t be sited together, and the need for continuity of existing services. Nick worked hand-in-hand with Engineering Driven Design PC to develop a solution that included changing vertical refrigerant line sizes to maintain proper velocities and oil return. And the indoor units required special construction options from AAON for the new ductwork to get the necessary air to and from the handlers. Whether it’s on a job or playing his favorite sports (hockey, basketball, baseball), Nick is guided by a simple idea: “You’ve got to work hard, but it’s even more important to work smart.” He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Boston University.