Mark Csontos, P.E.

Strategic Project Engineer, 3 Years at Gil-Bar

Mark Csontos isn’t just an engineer by education; he comes to Gil-Bar after a 20-year career as a practicing design engineer at Vanderweil Engineers. At Gil-Bar, Mark is tasked with bringing this unique perspective to bear across all of the firm’s clients and subsidiaries. He represents Gil-Bar’s commitment to serve as a true consulting partner to its engineering clients, and to do so with an experience base that no other HVAC sales firm can match.

Mark completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Bucknell University. From there, he began learning the HVAC business from the ground up at Vanderweil. He started in their Life Sciences Group, focusing on laboratory design and later healthcare.  He rose to a senior engineering position, and later advanced to become an Associate Principal, leading a portfolio of clients. Over time, his role became as much about people and relationships as it was about design.

He found that his true calling lay in the intersection of the two: “I love identifying what the problem is, breaking it down, and solving it. And I like people. I get excited about meeting and working with the full range of people this business exposes you to, from owners to architects to engineers.”

It turns out that this combination of technical problem-solving and exceptional people skills made Mark the perfect hire for Gil-Bar. And for Mark’s part, he was certainly attracted to Gil-Bar as “a well-respected giant of the industry.” But, even more important was the company’s focus on character and protecting its clients. “Trust and respect have always been very important to me. But you have to earn it, and I never take it for granted.”

Now, Mark is building that trust across Gil-Bar’s client base and operating groups, including Gil-Bar Health & Life Sciences. He’s adding value to every relationship he touches; his design engineering experience and consultative perspective is building on Gil-Bar’s already unusually strong engineering base. And his hiring serves as yet another example of Gil-Bar’s investment in expertise as an asset to its manufacturer partners.