Joe Cinque

Senior Sales Engineer, 19 years at Gil-Bar

Joe Cinque joins Gil-Bar as part of the recent acquisition of GBS Limited, the company that now forms the heart of Gil-Bar’s expanded New Jersey operations. During his expansive career at GBS, Joe has established himself as a highly trustworthy and knowledgeable professional in the New Jersey commercial HVAC market. In his role at the new Gil-Bar NJ, Joe brings his deep understanding of the market, his unique breadth of experience, and his dependable nature to drive Gil-Bar’s accelerating growth outside of New York.

A native born New Jerseyan, Joe earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University. Prior to finding his professional home at Gil-Bar/ GBS, his diverse career included quality control work for a manufacturing company, service as a township construction inspector, and an engineering role at a prominent elevator company. Joe was in fact designing elevators when he met Eric Mueller, who recognized his talent and brought him to GBS as a Sales Engineer.

Joe is most driven by the satisfaction of his customers. His authentic personality combined with his diverse experience enables him to put himself in his clients’ shoes. This is important because, like many of his Gil-Bar colleagues, he doesn’t fit the stereotype of the slick, fast-talking salesman. He believes in truly understanding a client’s needs, and then finding the solution that best answers those needs.  Just as important, he believes in “doing a good job, always being honest and honorable.” Or, as he also puts it, “I will never be the guy who sells you something and runs away. I always try to do the right thing.”

This is why, after roughly two decades in the industry, if you ask Joe about his proudest accomplishment, he won’t tell you about a specific project. Instead, he’ll describe a first meeting he recently took with a new client. When Joe introduced himself, the man replied “Oh, I know you.” They had never met before, but the man went on to explain, “your reputation in this business is top-notch.”

For Joe, the work itself is fascinating: the combination of technological and financial considerations, followed by making places that people actually live and work in. But it’s the relationships, and the building of trust, that he ultimately finds most satisfying.