Christopher Bisaccia

Partner, 27 Years at Gil-Bar  

Shortly after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at Purdue, a friend suggested that Christopher Bisaccia talk to Gil-Bar. He went over to the house in Brooklyn to meet Joe Sbarra, John Gill, and the rest of the team. “I got a really good feeling; these were good guys.” The year was 1996, and Christopher never looked back. In 2008, he became a Partner in the firm.

His initial training consisted of joining Joe at client meetings, learning by watching, and pitching in on everything. Over time, he developed his own areas of expertise, including certification in LEED AP, with a specialty in Operations and Maintenance. To further understand his clients’ needs, he went to school at night, completing an Associate’s Degree in Real Estate Development at NYU.

His expertise in sustainability soon established Gil-Bar as New York and New Jersey’s innovator in green HVAC technology. But from the start, Christopher understood that more sustainable installations also needed to be financially advantageous. So, he dug into the economics of design, installation, and long-term operational costs, proving out the opportunity for win-win solutions. As Christopher says, “It’s about following the data. It’s about making it work: environmentally, operationally, and financially.”

Christopher also spearheaded Gil-Bar’s expansion to become the region’s only fully integrated offering, from design and sales to service for the full lifecycle of any installation. This growth has included launching a Field Services operation, creating MIH Systems Group, acquiring Metro Air Products, and developing Gil-Bar Health & Life Sciences.

Today, Christopher works to attract and develop the firm’s next generation of leaders, based on a simple strategy: attract the best people, empower them to get the job done, and reward them accordingly. As Christopher puts it: “the joy is in seeing your people solve problems and do well. Because we’re all in this together.” And this philosophy extends to every client the firm has: “You pick us to do a job and we’ll work with you to get it done to the highest possible standard. We’ll be right there with you, every step of the way.”