599 Lexington Ave

New York City

Gil-Bar’s commitment to service and innovation has built some of the most enduring relationships in the business. 599 Lexington Avenue serves as an excellent example.

In the mid-1980’s, Gil-Bar provided all HVAC equipment for the building in what was then a new construction project. Recently, Boston Properties returned to us; this time seeking a strategy for the maintenance and replacement of units that are now nearly four decades old.

We developed a two-pronged approach: first, a proposal for interim component upgrades and the service contract to install them as needed. Second, we teamed up with our manufacturer to design new, state-of-the-art replacement units that could be delivered in pieces and assembled at the site. Thirteen new units have been ordered to date, and our service company, MIH Systems Group , has been tasked with the rigging and assembly. In addition, our commissioning group will provide an assist with commissioning. The entire project is expected to extend over five years as new tenant floors become available for
the renovations.

Construction Manager Structure Tone Organization
Engineer Jaros Baum & Bolles
Knockdown AHUs at 599 Lexington Ave KD Air Handlers at 599 Lex
Knockdown AHUs at 599 Lexington Ave KD Air Handlers at 599 Lex

“These units were built modular in construction for ease of maneuverability and installation into this retrofit space.”