Tim McGovern

Sales Engineer, 13 years at Gil-Bar Solutions

One of Tim’s favorite projects to date is the replacement/ knockdown AHU’s for Valley Hospital. The reason why says a lot about who he is. He loved the job because every single stage of the project (bidding, negotiation, submittals, release, and field installation) was completed by a committed team that worked with constant attention to both strategy and details. This approach took a complex, risky project and resulted in a very happy contractor and a very satisfied owner. Tim’s philosophy is that every project is an opportunity to learn and grow: “You visit the jobsite, spend countless hours poking around, asking questions, talking to the contractor, engineer, and factory. In the end, you find a solution. First try, second try, third try… you never give up.” He believes his clients deserve the best that he can give them, every day, and that GBS makes it possible for him to do just that. Tim completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering at Manhattan College.