Matthew Neumann

Chief Operating Officer, Gil-Bar Solutions, 16 years at Gil-Bar

Matthew Neumann has spent his entire career with Gil-Bar. He joined back in 2007, left to earn an MBA and Master of Science degree in Finance from Boston College, and then brought those new skills back to the firm. “I think that tells you how highly I value Gil-Bar. It’s not only where I work, but I consider everyone in the company to be family.”

He currently runs Gil-Bar’s New Jersey and Pennsylvania operations alongside Eric Mueller, working closely with Joe Sbarra, Chris Bisaccia, and Joe Cohen on the integration of Gil-Bar’s existing NJ organization with the newly merged team from GBS Limited.

Matthew’s unique strength is an ability analyze any situation and figure out a solution no matter what challenges or parties are involved. All his degrees aside, there’s a part of it that no one can teach: reading people, reading situations, even looking into the future and avoiding obstacles before they have a chance to present themselves.

On one of his first jobs, Matthew was a young man faced with a mountain of coordination among many people that he didn’t even know. He soon learned that no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you plan, things will occasionally go wrong… and that’s when clients need you most. Matthew realized “they don’t expect you to be perfect, they want an honest answer and they want a plan to get the job done.” So, his philosophy is built around perseverance: “You have to stay on top of the issues, answer every email or phone call, and have the answers, good or bad. You need to make sure you’re a facilitator of solutions, not an obstacle.”

At Gil-Bar, Matthew has found a team that shares this approach. A commitment to “never leaving our factories or customers out to dry, sometimes at a cost to our bottom line.” He thinks that’s the secret behind Gil-Bar’s enduring client relationships; some going back more than 30 years. It takes more than individual contributions, it takes a true team. As Matthew says: “Every single person that works at Gil-Bar is someone I trust entirely.”