John Georges

Sales Engineer, 35 years at Gil-Bar

John has played an essential role in building Gil-Bar into what it is today. From his beginning as the anchor of inside sales support, John worked with Founders Joe Sbarra and John Gill for over thirty years, dating back to the firm’s early days in Brooklyn.

Since then, John has become a “jack of all trades” known especially for his ability to handle large projects with long lifecycles. He takes particular pride in being part of the creation of important buildings throughout the city. Starting with the Bear Stearns building, other contributions include work on iconic developments such as World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 World Trade Center.

He’s spent nearly his entire career at Gil-Bar because, as he puts it, “they’ve given me the freedom to pursue projects without bureaucratic encumbrances.” John completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Marketing at Bernard Baruch College.