Jim Case

Senior Sales Engineer, 36 years at Gil-Bar

Jim brings unusually deep industry experience to Gil-Bar. Prior to his long Gil-Bar career, he worked in various positions outside of sales in plant and manufacturing engineering at General Foods, IBM, and NBC Studios.  His career in sales engineering started when he joined the Trane Company in 1994.  Jim draws from his wide experience to bring exceptional knowledge and an understanding of project needs to his clients.

He’s designed custom equipment and run projects at many iconic NYC installations including One World Trade, NASDAQ, The Essex House, and many others. One of Jim’s favorite and most challenging projects was at Brookhaven National Labs. There, he solved a space issue in a way that enhanced the installation, unit performance, and reliability, while achieving the demanding tolerances required by a nuclear facility.

Jim’s single biggest motivation for spending more than three decades at one firm? He cites the strength and continuity of longtime customer relationships that can only be found at Gil-Bar. Jim completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of New York.