Hass M. Salame

Sales Engineer, 13 years at Gil-Bar

Hass knows there are times when you need to move fast, but do so without sacrificing the highest possible standards of precision and reliability. Like the design-build job that gave him just a few days to develop a space-saving and high efficiency solution that eliminated the need for multiple units per floor. It took ingenuity and thinking “outside the box,” but Hass got it done. Perhaps his favorite project to date? “Dare to Dream” at the Empire State Building. Hass was honored to be part of the team that reimagined the entire visitor experience for one of New York’s, and the world’s, most iconic buildings. He’s spent over a decade at GBS because nowhere else offers their clients the same “level of expertise and customer service, delivering superior engineering design and sales.” Hass completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan.