Greg Diehl

Senior Sales Engineer, 3 Years at Gil-Bar

Some people can be described as born engineers. In school, Greg found that math just made sense. Shakespeare? Not so much. He was constantly taking things apart, figuring out what made them work, and building them back better. He learned welding and how to get things done in a machine shop. To this day, in his spare time, he builds Street Stock race cars.

Over the course of his 26-year career as a sales engineer, Greg has leveraged his rare ability to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing. In 2002, working with AAON and a design-build contractor, he designed and sold the first Turbocor compressor in an RTU. Some thought it couldn’t be done. But by suspending the shaft in a magnetic field, he created an efficient, low-maintenance machine. One that runs at 30-35K RPM so quietly you can stand by its side and carry on a normal conversation. Greg’s personal philosophy is to “make someone smile every day.” Because he understands that the work gets hard, and when it does, the team needs to pull together.

Now Greg is bringing this depth of experience and track-record of innovative leadership to GBS. He’s also bringing his applications engineer partner, Tara Scheaffer. For over 15 years they’ve worked as a team to provide their customers with unparalleled engineering design, project coordination, and customer care from project start to finish. A native of south-central Pennsylvania, Greg completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University.