Eric Mueller

Chief Executive Officer, Gil-Bar Solutions, 25 Years at Gil-Bar

Eric Mueller has been the Managing Principal at GBS Limited, Gil-Bar’s most recent acquisition, since 2004. Prior to that, he spent 6 years at… Gil-Bar. That makes his new role integrating GBS into an expanded Gil-Bar Sales, New Jersey something of a homecoming.

“It felt like a natural move,” he says, “after all, GBS was originally founded by Joe Sbarra and John Gill. Our values are their values, and vice versa. It’s about bringing expertise to the table. It’s about an integrated service offering and a commitment to mutual success. You could say we have the same DNA. So, it makes perfect sense that we’d be stronger together, making Gil-Bar into an even greater resource for our clients on this side of the Hudson River.”

Eric earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, then spent a few years learning the HVAC business at a smaller firm before joining Gil-Bar.

He believes Gil-Bar’s commitment to growing its local presence in New Jersey is critical. “It’s a different market. It needs, and deserves, to be served locally by people who really understand it. Compared to a market like, say, New York City, the challenges are different; the economics are different.”

Eric’s long-standing success in the New Jersey market can be traced back to his underlying business philosophy: “You have to be smart and know your products, applications, and systems. No question. But you also have to connect with people. Not to sell them something, but to really understand what solutions will serve them best. I always ask myself ‘what does the client want from me? What does the client need from me?’ Because we’re partners, and it’s that partnership that makes it work.”

Looking ahead, he says “I’m excited to be a part of Gil-Bar again, because I know that, with GBS and Gil-Bar together, we’re going to take our business here in New Jersey to the next level.”