Angelo Casale

Head of Parts and Warranty, 15 years at Gil-Bar

Angelo leverages his exceptional project management and people skills in his current role leading Gil-Bar Industries’ Parts and Warranty Division, including warehouses in New York and New Jersey.

In this role, Angelo supports the ongoing maintenance of every building Gil-Bar has supplied over more than three decades. He ensures that the right part will always be available at the critical moment when it’s needed. But the march of technology means his job isn’t just about swapping in replacements. Angelo’s special expertise lies in being able to turn a replacement into an upgrade: integrating newer technology that improves sustainability and operational efficiency.

This work has given Angelo the opportunity to develop enduring relationships with many of Gil-Bar’s most important clients. Working relationships are also the reason he’s stayed at Gil-Bar so long: “Everyone here shares the same purpose and works well together to complete the job at hand.” Angelo completed his Bachelor’s degree at St. John’s University.