Allan Bodden

Sales Engineer, 3 Years at Gil-Bar

Allan is a dedicated account professional with a deep understanding of HVAC products. For over three years, he has built and managed relationships in the construction, contractor, and engineering space.

He started his career with Johnson Controls, Inc. where he went through a 6-month extensive training program, and later forged trusted relationships with smaller engineering firms across the greater New York City area. Allan then transitioned to Gil-Bar Industries, where he worked with top manufacturers like Climate Master, IEC, and Aaon to gain a deeper understanding of the products available at Gil-Bar. Prior to his career in HVAC, he was a licensed real estate broker, where he began his sales-focused career, and found his passion for connecting his clients with the right solutions.

Allan earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Binghamton University in 2020.

On his free time, you can either find Allan at the gym lifting weights or playing for his local soccer league in Queens.