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Developing, constructing, and operating large buildings has become an increasingly complex enterprise. The technology is constantly evolving, regulatory demands are more stringent, and tenant expectations are higher than ever.

You need to find the perfect combination of efficiency, economy, and durability

The HVAC solution must thread the needle: it needs to meet performance specifications, it needs to fit in the budget, and it needs to operate efficiently and quietly –now and for many years to come. Finding the right answer requires a unique combination of engineering knowledge, real-world experience, and access to the world’s best manufacturers.

Gil-Bar Industries in New York provided HVAC solutions to The Time Warner Center

We’ve got expertise that others don’t

We have more degreed engineers than any other firm. We also hire engineers for inside sales support. We pioneered HVAC sustainability in the greater NYC area, and did the legwork to prove that it pays out. We’ve been at this for more than three decades, tackling over 5,000 jobs per year, so we’ve just about seen it all. This means our design and project experts can help you understand the engineering considerations of any new construction or retrofit project. We can find solutions for the most challenging specifications.

We’ve got relationships that can make the difference

We don’t just bring over 40 of the best manufacturers to the table. We’ve been working with many of them for over 20 years. So we know who to call when the right solution hasn’t been invented yet. We can roll up our sleeves at the factories and figure out what needs to be done. That’s a big part of why we have a hand in more than 40% of the custom HVAC work in NYC.

We work at every stage of the process

Because Gil-Bar offers integrated solutions at every stage of the design, build, and maintenance process, we see how all the pieces fit together. We understand how decisions made at one stage end up impacting success at another. Gil- Bar doesn’t just engineer custom HVAC solutions, we bring unified accountability and unwavering client commitment across all our companies. So, yes, we see the big picture, and we know how to make it work for you.

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Gil-Bar is the New York and New Jersey-based HVAC solutions company that brings deeper engineering expertise, more integration, and greater commitment to your success than any other firm.

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