Helping building owners with efficient, economical systems and equipment built to last

Knowing What’s Important

We help building owners satisfy the unique challenges of managing tenant expectations, making building decisions with economy and efficiency in mind, and limiting exposure to unexpected maintenance issues.

Gil-Bar Industries in New York provided HVAC solutions to The Time Warner Center

Unparalled Expertise

Our design and project experts can help you analyze and understand engineering considerations before new construction or in crafting retrofit solutions – even in the most complex situations. With the right strategic approach to your HVAC needs and equipment, we can help you save money, manage to space and noise realities, accommodate better energy efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment.

Unrivaled Support

Furthermore, we work with your engineers and contractors throughout a project to coordinate and consider all aspects of HVAC design and installation.

How can we help you?

Gil-Bar Industries in New York and New Jersey is a sales representative organization with skilled, experienced and knowledgable professionals. We are uniquely capable of designing and delivering HVAC solutions for broad applications, including complex and retro-fit environments.

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