Commercial Renovation and New Construction

Brookfield – Manhattan West

Few projects demonstrate Gil-Bar’s breadth of expertise, and the value of our integrated service offering, better than Manhattan West.

Our involvement began with the transformational renovation of 450 West 33rd Street into what is now 5 Manhattan West, working with Cosentini Associates. From there, the site became a focus of new construction. Still with Cosentini, Gil-Bar handled both the new residential tower as well as the boutique hotel. Then, partnering with JB&B, we tackled the two new commercial towers and extensive retail space.

The project covered renovation and new construction. And it covered commercial, hospitality, and residential throughout 5.4 million square feet, with a vast array of manufacturers represented by both Gil-Bar and our Metro Air Products company .
Then Brookfield engaged with Gil-Bar’s MIH Systems Group for servicing and commissioning within the complex. Just another example of the way Gil-Bar builds deep relationships and provides integrated service for its clients.

Construction Manager: Tishman Construction

Engineers: Cosentini Associates, Jaros Baum & Bolles

Gil-Bar Industries HVAC in New York designs solutions for 5 Manhattan West
Gil-Bar Industries HVAC Solutions in NY is a key partner for 5 Manhattan West development
Gil-Bar Industries in NY is an HVAC solutions provider for 5 Manhattan West

Other Projects

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