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We have the technical expertise to help you design efficient plans that will succeed in the real world. We’re not just a sales partner, we’re your strategic partner.

The Efficiency Experts

We are pioneers in energy efficiency who played a role in the development of many technologies that have become the benchmarks for sustainability today. And we’ve done the legwork to understand where sustainability doesn’t just feel good, it pays out. As industry standards increase over the years, our engineered products keep pace. So no one is better positioned to help you design high-performance systems that run with the best possible efficiency.

Gil-Bar Industries in New York provided HVAC solutions to The Time Warner Center

More engineers means more people who really understand the challenges you face

We hire engineers for both outside and inside sales support because we recognize that you need more than a salesman or saleswoman. You need someone who knows how even the most complex systems fit together. Gil-Bar engineers are capable of understanding the conflicting technical challenges you face, and we will be right there with you to craft the solution.

The right products for the right applications, even if they haven’t been invented yet

Often the demands of a job require a product that hasn’t yet been built. With over 40 of the world’s best manufacturers on our team, we know what’s out there better than anyone else. And because we’ve been working with many of them for over 20 years, we know who to call at the factories when it’s time to create something new. No surprise then that we have a hand in more than 40% of the custom HVAC work in NYC.

More real-world experience means we see problems and opportunities others might miss

We combine our unique base of engineering ability with unmatched experience translating plans into the real world. We tackle more than 5,000 jobs per year, and our services range from design through installation, certification, and maintenance. So we can anticipate where something that looks good on a blueprint may run into problems during installation or operation. In effect, we can help you see into the future and build smarter plans today.

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Gil-Bar is the New York and New Jersey-based HVAC solutions company that brings deeper engineering expertise, more integration, and greater commitment to your success than any other firm.

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