388-390 Greenwich Street

Citigroup set out to upgrade its New York headquarters with a major renovation that integrated the two buildings at 388 and 390 Greenwich Street. For Gil-Bar, the project quickly became an opportunity to demonstrate our innovative engineering capability.

We worked with our manufacturer to design a new DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System) product that gives the building’s occupants a dedicated supply of fresh air and gives the building’s owner a far lower operating cost. Gil-Bar also headed up the testing required before the client would release the first phase: from certified testing at the manufacturer’s lab to the building of a full mock-up space where the client could experience the product in an actual office setting.

But we weren’t just leading the way on innovation. Initially scheduled to take five years, the project is wrapping up almost two years ahead of schedule.

Construction Manager: Tishman Construction

Engineer: Jaros Baum & Bolles

Gil-Bar Industries HVAC in New York, Citigroup building at 388 Greenwich Street
Gil-Bar Industries HVAC Solutions in NY, financial services buildings
Gil-Bar Industries in NY is an HVAC solutions provider for Citigroup at 388 Greenwich Street

Photo credits: By Beyond My Ken – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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